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Shadow Child (Shadow Dance Book 2) - Free Excerpt!

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Shadow Child (Shadow Dance Book 2) - read excerpt


You know how it is. New girl, new school – and the cute hunk in the third row over was giving me weird looks. I figured if I gave him so much as a smile, in ten minutes I’d be finding out how his Dad had a mysterious underground lair and was gonna take over the world. That was how it was in my last school, anyway. But the afternoon was double History, and it had been a bitch of a day. Not only that, Mom had made me memorize faces my first week. Then what the hallway scuttlebutt hadn’t told me, her files did. And Cute Guy hadn’t been one of the faces she gave me. Surprises like that aren’t generally good news. So I made sure he was toast by lunchtime. Well, not toast so much. But he was sure history.

School Farm is great. Every school should have a compost heap.

Perhaps I should explain...


Shadow Child is available from Amazon and in can be ordered in print from all good book stores.

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