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InWordz - and NVIDIA ShadowPlay

I don't know if anyone's been looking at ShadowPlay. It's a new feature NVIDIA have embedded in their graphics cards (desktop 6XX series and up, and some mobile cards). Here's a link:

Here's the short form: game capture without any need for a separate capture card, FRAPS, XSplit, OBS or similar software to capture and encode video (H264, 1080p, mp4 output). The cards have encoding hardware built in.
Up until now there have been some limitations on what could be recorded - essentially so that ShadowPlay could 'see' control keys passed to it. I triued it with some IW viewers, and it didn't work. But with version 2 (recently released), you can record/ encode your whole desktop, so there's no necessary game optimisation required, and it doesn't matter if it's full screen or windowed.
So here's a quick sample. Yes, I know about the orange clouds. I haven't woken Charlie in ages (he used to be used for testing when my Lady still walked among us :( ). And it's nothing anyone would call a polished video. The initial resolution, because I was doing it on the fly, isn't great. But it clears up pretty quick. That's me setting the windows, not ShadowPlay. But - no FRAPS, XSplit, capture card oar anything else was used. The original output file was 561 MB, and anyone who's used FRAPs will know that's rather good smiley. Though I confess I web-optimised this file with Handbrake before I posted it. And I did a multi-session to show how, to a degree, multi-scene functionality of apps like XSplit or OBS can be maintained. Anyway - on with the motley...



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