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Guest blogging - A Flower on a Fence

I know. I'm late. Again. But I have an excuse! And it was nothing to do with the dog eating my homework. Not even the dog I don't have!

Hmmmm. Where was I?

That's sort of the point. I wasn't here. But I was here somewhere else. In fact, I was being a flower!

No, nurse. I told you. I already had my blue pill!

I wasn't here. I wasn't here, because I was here: Flowers on the Fence - Shadows and Light.

Flowers on the Fence is where the magnofic... magnefis... magnafis... er, incredibly cool Gail Roughton Branan hangs her shingle. And she invited me to guest blog. So I did.

I wonder if she's still speaking to me cheeky.

Gail's an author with more than one colour ink to her pen. Or even her keyboard. Her Fantasy Romance (Miami Days & Truscan (K)nights) comes out in April, and her Crime Thriller Down Home in September. I'd love to buy them, but my blog post probably means she'll have assoss... assis... asteriske... er, given me a 357 headache before then. So you'll all just have to buy the copies I would have bought for me, right? devil

So there you are. This week, I'm not an Idiot. I'm a Flower. On a Fence. Actually, I'm still an Idiot really. But I'm a Flower too. Go on. Take a look. I dares you. I double Idiot dares you laugh.

Oh. And my thanks indeed, Lady Gail. For giving me space on your Fence. If you're still speaking to me, that is... cheeky.


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Heading on over.

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Let me know what you think blush.

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