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Empty Page Blues

Danforth Blues Band

     Sometimes - just sometimes - the most dangerous kind of fingers are idle ones blush.
     When whatever I'm writing doesn't, well, want to be written right now, I've been known to commit the occasional sin of Poetry. This was one of those times - but one of those times when it didn't quite stop there. Because the guy in the hat up there? That's Lou Fata, that is. And when Lou's not slapping skin (he's a drummer), he hangs out in the same office I do. And we got to talking about my occasional sins. And he told me about his - because, like I said, he's a drummer. A drummer with The Danforth Blues Band. The Danforth Dogs. And we got to talking, Lou and me, about our sins. And we got to talking about how Poetry and music aren't so far apart. And after we got to talking? Well - I got to to sinning blush. Or at least - typing smiley. And the end result? Well - it wasn't quite 'Empty Page Blues' - it started a little different. But after some Tender Loving Blues Care from the Danforth's master song-writer - that's where it ended up. An Empty Page that wasn't so Empty any more - but sure is Blues. Or so the Dogs tell me - and those Dogs know their Blues laugh.
     So give a big welcome to Ron Winn (Harp and Percussion), Ken Baldin (guitar and Vocal), Dan Munro (Vocals), Lou Fata (King of the skins), Dave Scheel (Bass) and Harold Boudreau (Guitar and Keyboards). To the Danforth Blues Band! Sit back, grab a cold one - and hit play. Then take a wander over to their page - because there's a lot more where this came from.
     Oh - and don't worry. The rest is all theirs cool.


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