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'A Comedy of Terrors' - To be published by MuseItUp Publishing

And now for something completely different.

Or at least, something I haven’t written here before :-).

It’s right there. Or rather, right here. On the front page. It, is, really! It says:

“Graeme Smith. That's me. A soon (where 'soon' is a variable) to be published fantasy writer.”

If you've been reading this blog, I hope the 'comic' isn't news. Or the 'writer'. But 'soon'? 'Published'? How do you measure 'soon'?

You measure ‘soon’ the way you measure anything. By having a measuring stick. And now I do. One of my completed novels - ‘A Comedy of Terrors’ - has been contracted to MuseItUp Publishing. So now ‘soon’ has a measuring stick.

That’s the good news. And in other news? In other news, publishing is a slow business. Yes, even electronic publishing. The current estimated release date (when it’s going to be somewhere you can buy it. Er – you are going to buy it, right? :-P) is July 2012.

Oh. Didn’t I mention that? You didn’t go read their page yet? Yes, MuseItUp are an electronic publishing company. They publish books, um, electronically. Yes, on paper as well, but their first line of business is electrons. Does that make them any different to mainstream publishers? Well, mainstream publishers deal in electrons as well. Mostly bound up with protons and neutrons. It’s called paper. And ink. And the books they publish sit on shelves in big stores, and you can go read them. Er, I mean examine them. Before buying them. Right :-) ?

Otherwise? There’s not much difference. MuseItUp don’t publish every book anybody sends them. They don’t publish books because you pay them money to publish them. You send them a nice letter, trying to interest them. A bit like Querying an Agent. They may say no. They may say ‘maybe’ – what if you changed this? Or that? Or they may say yes.

They said yes.

I’ll try that again. THEY SAID YES! YAY!

Ahem. Sorry about that. I won’t do it again :-P.

Why so long until the publishing date? Electronic publishing is easy, right? Well, putting a file somewhere you can download it is, yes. But like I said. Paper or electrons, this is Publishing. There’s editors to, um, do edit-y stuff. There’s covers to be designed. There’s publicity. There’s marketing.

Yes. This is publicity, right here. Yes, and marketing. Well, it is if anybody’s reading it :-).

So why am I telling you about MuseItUp and not my amazing, wonderful, totally hilarious book? Because Publishing isn’t about fulfilling the dreams of aspiring authors. Well it might be, but it really isn’t. It’s about paying for office space, paying editors, assistants, paying for web pages to be designed, covers… Like it or not, it’s about money. And the Publisher (Lea Schizas ) at MuseItUp is just as interested in making money and in being professional and making profit as any other Publisher.

That’s why I’m telling you. A Publisher who is interested in putting really nice bread on her family’s table, ideally with fresh churned butter and strawberry jam made with strawberries that were in a field two days ago and cost $999999999999999 an ounce, wants to spend money publishing ‘A Comedy of Terrors’. She thinks it’s going to buy some of that strawberry jam.

Know what? I agree with her.

Know what? I think you will too.

Know what? I want to know if you agree :-).

I can almost hear you. How can you agree with nothing to agree with? Well, I can help with that.

There’s a link to the Prologue under the BOOKS menu. It's up there, on the top left hand of this page. Yes, I know. Prologues aren’t very popular these days smiley. That might be why I wrote one blush. Take a look. See what you think. Then, if you’re feeling brave, tell me. What you think, I mean cheeky.

You can comment here, you can comment on the Prologue iutself, you can join the MuseItUp Reader group, and you can mail me. There’s a Contact form here, under the Navigation menu over on the left.

There you are. ‘A Comedy of Terrors’. MuseItUP Publishing. July 2012.

Did I ever tell you how much I hate waiting :-P?


Lady_Mary's picture

How awesome!!!!I am so happy for you!!! *Dancing in my seat for your success!!!* WOOT!! WOOT!! I cannot wait to hear how things go for you with revisions and covers and all that!!!

Graeme's picture


My thanks indeed :-).

I will, as time and events suggest, post updates here. You will, and totally free of charge, be able to hear my screams of agnony while under the editor's whip (I haven't been assigned one yet, but all editors have whips :-P)and the joy of associated deadlines.

Covers - I have the aesthetic sense of a brick in terms of image. But I'm fascinated to see what will cover a book about someone so physically memorable that nobody, um, remembers what he looks like :-P.

Kelly Hashway's picture

Congrats!! This is great news. I know it's tough being patient. I couldn't wait for my book to come out. But you have a book coming out and that's amazing! Try to enjoy the process and not wish it away in anticipation of your release day.

Graeme's picture

Lady Kelly

My thanks indeed for the congrats!

Oh, I will. Enjoy, that is. But it takes me right back to school. If I can remember that far back... :-P.

Most of my, um, fellow sufferers hated exams. I didn't mind them. You did however much (or, um, little (blushes)) work you thought you had to to prepare, went in, sat down... and were off. Scribblescribblescribble.

Then you were done. And you handed the paper in. And all my fellow vitcms, or most of them, heaved sighs of relief.

That was when my own 'hate it' began.

No. Not relief. I just hated knowing the paper was in, I couldn't change anything, the result was, in effect, fixed - but I had to wait. To find out what it was.

I hated that :-).

This isn't quite like that. There's a ton of work to come, I know. But - I still hate it. Once the work starts coming - than I can hate the changes my poor editor wants me to maker instead :-).

Lady B's picture


Looking forward to getting my signed copy! *wink wink*

Graeme's picture

Lady B

Ah, and you may. Just may :-P.

Although this is an e-publisher, there is a comparatively new process by which authors can 'e-sign' some types of release. Kindle is one of them... :-)).

gail branan's picture

Jumped straight on in, I see. Whatcha' doin' for an encore for the next twelve months?

Graeme's picture

Maybe making some poor editor's life miserable? When one is assigned?

Working on edits to 'Road like a river'?

Working on finishing 'Jack Shadow'?

Trying to decide if 'Johnny Nothing-Much' is too much like the Voice in 'Jack Shadow' to carry on with, or different enough to carry on with?

Wondering if I dare write the YA skit book that would have every YA author in the known universe after my hide?

Wondering if, since a lot of YA authors are charming, intelligent and attractive females, it might just be worth it?

Wondering if I can get to the emergency room in time to have have them deal with the knife my wife just put in my back before I lose too much blood?

TAXI! :-P.

DORA DEE's picture

Very good news indeed. I've enjoyed reading your very astute comments on WD and wish you the best of luck. I know your book will be a success!

Graeme's picture

Lady Dora :-).

Denise's picture

That's great news Graeme. I know you've worked long and hard over the many re-writes and tweaking of "A Comedy of Terrors" and the final version will be an excellent read that I'm looking froward to. Let the publishing company know that if they need additional whip crakers I'm in ;-)

Graeme's picture

... more whip crackers!

Thanks, Denise. You have the advantage (or disadvantage? :-P) of having beta read it :-).

Michelle's picture

I'm so excited for you! I'm one of the lucky ones that's had a look at it and It's a great read - very, very funny. Like, my ribs hurt from laughing so hard funny. I'm looking forward to the release so I can nab a final copy.

Celebrate, you deserve it after all your hard work. :o)

Graeme's picture

... indeed, Lady Michelle :-).

Sadly, the contract is just the beginning of the hard work. My editor is already looking to open a contract of her own - on me! :-P.

Judith Proctor's picture

Well done! Sadly, I don't yet own an ebook reader, so I'm rather unlikely to buy a copy. Best of luck!

Graeme's picture

... for the kind words, Judith!

Of course, you can read e-books on PCs too... :-).

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