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Carpal Tunnel - It's what your left (or right) hand's not for.

No. The dog didn't eat my blog posts. The doctor did.

Alright. She didn't eat them cheeky. But she did tell me not to post any. Apparently blogging was bad for my health. Of course, she said working was bad for my health as well, but I couldn't really stop doing that.

Hmmm. Perhaps I should start again blush.

Hands up, who has Carpal Tunnel Syndrome? Actually, hands down. Putting them up probably just squashes the median nerve some more. Which, it turns out, is a Bad ThingTM. And which, it turns out, it appears I may have been doing for a while. So now I get to wear a wrist splint on my hand. And say 'ow' more often that I used to. And - you knew I'd get to the point eventually, right? cheeky - and I bought myself a present. Because that's what I thought I'd talk about, now I've reached the point where I think I can get away with ignoring my poor, long suffering medical advisor and post something. Because I got myself a new toy, and (for me - I'm not saying everyone would react the same) it's amazing. So what the heck am I talking about?

I'm talking about this:

Vertical MouseNo. It's not a strange alien invader. It's not even an escapee from a Pac Man screen (yes - I'm showing my age again blush). So what is it?

It's a mouse.

And it's not just a mouse. It's a vertical mouse. It has buttons, just like an ordinary mouse. It comes in left handed flavours and right. But this mouse? It doesn't make me say 'ow'. When I'm using it, my hand isn't twisted over like it is with an ordinary mouse. And that, or so the long suffering doctor I mentioned above tells me, is what compresses the median nerve. And leads to all the carpal-y things that, trust me, you don't want to be led to.

I'd say where I got it, my new toy, but that might get me into all sorts of trouble for advertising and things. If you want to find it, just do a web search on 'vertical mouse'. But, and here's the real point of this posting, I only came across it by accident. And it made me wonder, all you people who shouldn't be putting your hands up, all my now-fellow carpal-y clobbered types, what you may have come across. What may have helped. Keyboards, stress balls, exercises, beer lifting - actually, not the beer lifting. Diabetes and beer don't go together, or so I'm told sad. But it made me wonder. Because I'm sure there are lots of you - lots of us - out there. And now I'm an 'us' too.

No - this isn't a plea for help. I'm OK now. It wasn't much fun to begin with, but you learn new habits, new tricks. I just wondered. Because I found my new toy by accident, and I wondered what else people may have found by similar chance. what might have worked for them, because everyone's different, and what works for one might well not work for another. But it might. If we knew about it.

So there you are. The floor is open. Even to people who can put their hands up without saying 'ow'. Because you know what? tomorrow it might hurt. Tomorrow, you might be cast into the Slough of Un-Blogging. With extra 'ow'.


Kelly Hashway's picture

I type way too much during the day and my hands are usually killing me, so I can relate. Right now my left ring finger and pinkie are screaming at me! I'm glad you are feeling better. It's nice to have you back.

Graeme's picture

The weird (or maybe not so weird - weird is just a day at the office, sometimes blush) thing is that straight typing isn't/ hasn't been an issue.

It's mouse work (in my main hand), leading to numbness in my thumb, index and ring finger, and the index finger of my off-hand. The off-hand is used when I lean on arrow keys working diagram and document edits (mostly at work).

Still - prevention is better than cure, and we do spend a heck of a lot of time at keyboards...


Roger Lawrence's picture

I've tried to find one of those, or even just a boring old trackball mouse. Yet our largest pc shops in the UK say they won't stock them because they're old fashioned, like me and nobody wants them - like me.

Graeme's picture

Well, I can only speak for the Evoluent Mouse so far, but I find it helps a lot. As for UK suppliers, you might like to look here:

Evoluent Mouse - Backinaction UK

Evoluent Mouse - Amazon UK

Graeme's picture

Did you post a Comment here in respect of Reply notifications? I regret, I had to delete it because the 'Submitted by' was a link to a Pinterest 'where can I buy followers' page - but if it was you (or indeed anyone else here blush), drop me an email on the Contact form please?


Angela Robbins "Lady A"'s picture

Thanks for the update, G. Sorry to hear you're CT's latest victim!!!!

Have I told you lately that I hate you, carpal tunnel?

It's hard to avoid you lurking in the shadows when my full time job requires tons of typing (letters, letters, file notes, and did I mention more letters?) And then you little evil  thing, you know my "part time job," or more like hobby/passion is writing, so you've gone and done burned me there.

And shame on you, too, tendonitis and myofascia of the right thumb. You paired up together with carpal tunnel, you conquered, and now make me wear a brace at night.

At least I whipped cubital tunnel's butt by getting a fancy spaceman looking chair for short-legged girls.


Hope your hand gets better.


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