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Writing - They call me _Mister_ Jenkins...

It was a dark and stormy night…

OK. Scratch that. It probably wasn’t. And even if it was, it probably wouldn’t have mattered. But – OK. Dark? Check. Stormy? Check. Night? Sure. Let’s say it was.

The company of heroes gathered. The enemy lay ahead, and a mighty foe it was indeed. Few there were who could best the evil, but this company was of the best, and its leader a mighty general. They would…

Writing - A Smith by any other name...

Who are you (with apologies to Pete Towneshend)? And who am I?

And was it a good idea?

Hmmm. Perhaps I should start again. Or even just start :-).

The thing about writers, well and actors. And, um, singers. And… well, the thing about writers is – they may not be who you think they are. Or who they say they are.

Er – what did he say?

Writing: If you can't say something nice - say it anyway.

Yes. I’m late.

I have an excuse – and it wasn’t the dog eating my blog post. I don’t have a dog. Not like Segorian. He doesn’t have one either. Which is why there’s one sleeping at the foot of the bed that… but that’s another story :-).

Writers - and not writing

What do you do for a living? I bet it’s not what people think you do :-).

I was talking with my mother this weekend. And we ended up talking about writing. Well, about my writing. Or rather, about my not writing.

Huh? What did he say?

We talked about my not-writing. I bet you thought writers wrote, right?

Nope. Or rather, yes, with a lot of nope.

Memory - may be beautiful. And yet...

With apologies to Alan and Marilyn Bergman

Graeme Smith. That's me. A soon to be published fantasy writer. Mostly comic fantasy (which is fantasy intended to make you laugh, not fantasy in comics).

Dennis Ritchie - RIP

I didn’t post last week. It was Canadian Thanksgiving and I spent more time in the kitchen than at my keyboard.

Yes. Canadian Thanksgiving is different from American Thanksgiving. Although not so different for the turkey. Though I wasn’t cooking turkey, personally.

Anyway. I didn’t post last week. I was busy not cooking turkey. So this is a little late. But better lute than chenda, as the minstrels might say. Well, they might if they’d ever been to India, anyway :-P.

On October 08, Dennis Ritchie died.

I know. Dennis who?

Less is more - or less

There was a Doctor Who episode on recently. It had a Cyberman in it.

For those who haven’t as yet entered the Tardis, a Cyberman is an ordinary human converted to a type of emotionless automaton. They walk (or clank) like a human, but they’ve had their emotions removed, they work on logic (assuming it’s logical to want to take over the universe by cyber-ing a planet at a time) and they’re almost impossible to kill.

Phew. There. See, there was this Doctor Who episode on recently. It had a…

Oh. I did that bit already :-).

Writing - The Meaning of Write

I can almost still hear it today. My English Lit teacher was stood at the front of the room. We were going to be reading ‘Romeo and Juliet’ as one of the set books.

Note to self – and English teachers everywhere: One of the best ways of ruining a book, play or other piece of writing for somebody’s life is to make them focus for a year on memorising quotes and dissecting the damn thing – as opposed to reading it.

I digress :-).

Anyway. There I was, and there he was. And I remember him saying:

Blogging - Whispers in the dark

SETI. The Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence. In essence, a number of very large telescopes scan the skies looking for signs of aliens talking to each other (probably about what was on Holo-TV last night, or whether a Super-Mysterium Laser really will be big enough to blow up the human White House), while lots of computers analyse what they find. Looking. Why? Because looking for people talking to each other is easier and cheaper than trying to talk to people who may or may not exist. And besides. If we talked to them, they might find us :-).

Didn't I used to have a web site? - On magery and mishaps

Let's do a quick survey. Hands up everybody with a web site? A blog? A forum-type-commenty-type thing?

You can put them down now :-).

Recently I heard from a friend of mine. She's a writer too. She has a web-site. With a blog and, er, blog-y stuff.

Actually, she doesn't. It's more that she, um, used to. Have one, I mean.


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