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A Comedy of Terrors

Jack Shadow (Shadow Dance #1)

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Road like a River


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My thanks to everyone who voted in the 2012 RONE Awards.

'A Comedy of Terrors' won the Reader Choice 2012 Fantasy category smiley.

'A Comedy of Terrors' - RONE Best Fantasy of 2012


Graeme Smith. That's me. Fantasy author. Mostly comic fantasy (which is fantasy intended to make you laugh, not fantasy in comics).

Having Graeme Smith as my pen name is quite convenient, since it also happens to be my real name. I might try to be funny and say my pen is called Graeme, but then I'd have to admit I don't use a pen. Maybe I should call my keyboard Graeme instead.

Maybe that's what I really am - a keyboard called Graeme smiley.

When I'm not writing (well, or editing my writing. Or re-writing. Or editing my re-writing. Or... Quite. You get the picture), I'm doing other things. Some of them are fun things, like online gaming (If you know Bard Elcano, you know me. If you know a grumpy old dragon called Sephiranoth, you know me. If you know a tall, dark, handsome but brooding vampire, charming witty and brilliant - we never met. That's someone else.) Some of them are less fun. Or sometimes fun. But you're not (I hope) here to find out about those. You want to know about me (maybe), what I write (possibly) or where you left your car keys (Probably. No, I don't know where they are either. But do feel free to take a look round here while you think about it.)

I blog - not every day, but mostly when I think I'm thinking something I'd like to read if I was here.There's an email contact form - use the 'Graeme' option to get to me (and you can find me on Twitter if you Tweet - @Graeme_Smith_). And there are forums. We can talk about just about anything that won't have men in official looking suits and uniforms knocking at my door.

Oh. And if you wondered - you don't have to log in to comment. You can do that anoni... ananny... you can do that without logging in cheeky. Though Anonymous comments won't be visible until I make sure you're not a nasty, evil spam machine blush. On the other hand, member registration does have its privileges.  Members get to see book covers before books are released, and samples from books not yet under contract. Member comments also get published immediately, and registered members can subscribe to get notifications when I post new content - so feel free to register! It helps is you send me a message on the contact form. Tell me your email address and a bit about what tempted you to sign up. That just helps us get to know each other smiley.

So here we are. Stay a while. If it's winter where you are, pull a chair over by the fire. If it's summer, the deck's out here. There's virtual beer in the virtual cooler, virtual wine for those who virtually never drink beer, and virtual lemonade for those who don't wine. The sun's out - unless it's raining. Or snowing. Or... but nobody wants to read the weather report (Sorry. A writer joke). OK. Sitting comfortably? Then let's begin.

It wasn't a dark and stormy night...


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